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Product Test – Odile Lecoin

This exclusive skincare line is carefully curated to provide maximum results, with minimum effort. The luxurious products contain unique natural ingredients, all of the highest quality, to rejuvenate, nourish and smooth even the most delicate skin.  OR, j’illumine The Divine Cleansing Milk 200ml £35 For clean, soft, supple skin look no further than the OR, […]

Walk Derbyshire – Where Izaak Walton Fished – Hartington

Izaak Walton, seventeenth century author of ‘The Campleat (sic) Angler – The Contemplative Man’s Recreation’ would have been familiar with at least half of this walk. The Dove was one of his favourite places to cast a fly, along with his younger friend, the impecunious Hartington landowner, Charles Cotton. They regularly fished the river’s clear […]

Celebrity Interview – Michelle Collins

She played Ian Beale’s wife in EastEnders for eight years and the landlady of the Rovers Return in Coronation Street. Now Michelle Collins is taking on what she describes as the role of a lifetime. Michelle will be getting dolled up for the role of Miss Scarlett in Cluedo, a new play based on the […]

Places Pevsner Forgot – Makeney, Derbyshire

As we wandered round sunny Makeney, we wondered how Pevsner could ever have forgotten to include the place, for although historically a miniscule hamlet within the huge parish of Duffield, it gained in importance in the 19th century through its proximity to the various expanding Strutt family enterprises at Milford and gained two important houses […]

The Lost Houses of Derbyshire – Old Thornbridge Hall – Ashford in the Water

Thornbridge was once part of the estate of the Longsdon family of Little Longstone, who claim a descent (never securely sorted out, but nevertheless highly likely) from Serlo de Longstone living around 1100 and, although the estate was held by that family (latterly spelling their name Longsdon) from the twelfth century until 1790, there seems […]

Lumsdale – Matlock’s First Industrial Estate

Hidden away in a deeply wooded ravine, Lumsdale is unknown to many who live nearby, but as Brian Spencer discovered, it is a unique link with the early days of industry in Matlock. Bentley Brook rises in the rough moorland above Cuckoostone Dale and flows gently past Matlock Golf Club, then dives beneath the A632 […]

Product Test – Bee Bald

BEE BALD®  is a complete line of men’s premium quality grooming, shave, and skincare products and are the exact same kinds of products you are probably using already… just way better! BEE BALD® SMOOTH DAILY MOISTURISER £9.99 Tones and hydrates while working to reduce and prevent the buildup of oil and shine. Fine lines, wrinkles […]

Walk Derbyshire – Following The Norman Conquerors In Hartington

Once Duke William was crowned as King of England following the Battle of Hastings, it took several years before the Normans could claim true domination of the country beyond the readily subservient south of England.  Throughout the north and marshes of East Anglia, rebellious Saxons made it clear that they wanted nothing to do with […]

Celebrity Interview – Danny John-Jules

Danny John-Jules breaks off from trying to learn “a load of very educated and complicated lines” for his part in the stage version of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code to express his delight at securing the role of Sir Leigh Teabing. Some actors might baulk at taking on a role portrayed by one of […]

The Lost Houses of Derbyshire – Pilsley Old Hall

The last lost house about which I wrote was Coney Green Hall, bought in 1774 for £4,000 by Thomas Wilson, who also acquired Pilsley Old Hall, just over two miles away and still in North Wingfield parish, so it seemed logical to move right on to chronicle what we know about the latter.  The Old […]