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Walk Derbyshire Cromford Meadows & Black Rocks

Cromford owes its birth to Richard Arkwright, founder of the water-driven cotton spinning frame, one of the leading inventions of the Industrial Revolution.  Harassed by home-based cotton spinners and weavers in his native Lancashire, in 1771 he opened his first mill, using the convenient power of the nearby River Derwent, close to the Crom Ford, […]

Walk Derbyshire – Riber Via the Front Door

Standing at 850 feet above sea level on an isolated hilltop, Riber Castle, to give it its acknowledged title, has dominated Matlock’s eastern skyline ever since John Smedley built it in 1862.  His idea was to make it the de-lux version of the spa hotels springing up around the town, venues of places offering accommodation […]