Product Test – Weleda

This month we’re testing the 100 year old beauty brand Weleda. Since it was established, Weleda has followed aims which sprang from its founding principles. Our products are intended to support people in their personal development, in maintaining, promoting and restoring their health and in their efforts to achieve physical well-being and a balanced lifestyle. […]

Places Pevsner Forgot 2 – Foston

It might reasonably be argued that the reason that Sir Nikolaus Pevsner omitted certain settlements from his magisterial series The Buildings of England was that they contained no buildings worthy of note. Yet times change, tastes change, scholarship uncovers matters closed to Sir Nikolaus when he began his project in 1948.  Last time, we looked […]

How Eyam Dealt With Two Epidemics

Hopefully the Covid – 19 pandemic is beginning to show signs of at least slowing down.  Members of the Peakland village of Eyam like the rest of us, must be grateful for the slow easing of restrictions, while at the same time taking sensible precautions in case yet another Covid variant comes along.  The folk […]

Bowes Museum – Barnard Castle

When Dominic Cummings, Prime Minister Boris Johnson MP’s political aid made his controversial dash to Specsavers in Barnard Castle, it is doubtful he had the time to visit the Bowes Museum.  This was a pity, because it is nearby, on the outskirts of the town. If he had managed the short diversion away from the […]

Product Test – UpCircle Beauty

As well as being 100% natural, our skincare range is also 100% brilliant. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between doing the right thing and getting the best results. With UpCircle, you get to enjoy the uplifting benefits of nature’s own skin rejuvenators – and do the planet some good, too. That’s all round better […]