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Sylhet Spice at Ripley

Sylhet-Spice-3-Feb13Sylhet Spice is located in the middle of Ripley with its contemporary décor providing a relaxing atmosphere.  We received a warm welcome and were shown promptly to our table. Whilst we were there we noticed the waiters conversing freely with the diners and knew many by name, which shows that many return frequently.

For our starters we had the traditional popadoms with a trio of pickles, but diverting from the ‘norm’ my partner’s starter was the Sea Bass, pan fried in tandoori spices and topped with fried onions, which was a refreshing change. We also shared a Garmi Gost; for the uninitiated this is lamb cooked with fresh green chillies and topped with cucumber slices, rather a hot dish. The real stand out dish for me amongst the starters was the Navrang Tikka; chicken tikka cooked with spring onions, peppers and coriander, a milder dish, which I could have happily had again as a main dish! Sylhet-Spice-2-Feb13For this dining review we asked our waiter to choose 4 dishes for us – as sometimes you can get stuck in a rut ordering the same dish, the staff at Sylhet are very helpful in recommending dishes that would suit your taste. We were served Salmon Bhuna, with onion, peppers and tomatoes cooked in a bhuna sauce with spices in a tandoori oven. Shahi Jai Puri – chicken tikka, special medium sauce, topped with fried onions and mushrooms which was mild and fresh. Jalpati, cooked in jalfrezi and pathi sauces with red and green peppers and whole green chillis, a sweet sauce. Milli Jilli Bahar is lamb cooked with palak, paneer and potatoes, fresh green chillis and dry chillis, mixed with spinach. My partner loves fish and finished the salmon bhuna dish by himself. The first thing that impressed him was the generous size of the salmon pieces, but he also said the sauce beautifully complemented the salmon and was not too overpowering. The Milli Jilli Bahar had quite an earthly taste being topped with spinach. One of the dishes I enjoyed most was the Shahi Jai Puri, this was a mild dish but also had a very fresh taste. The dishes were all beautifully presented and whereas sometimes you can end up with more sauce than substance, here the dishes all came with nice pieces of the meat and vegetables, bound together with the sauce. Our dishes came with special fried rice which was beautifully light and fresh lemon rice. If you’re a fan of Naan breads then this is the place for you – they have around 14 different types, the garlic naan was not too overpowering but light and delicate with out being too doughy. Overall we found the food at Sylhet Spice excellent. I would say that if you find yourself always ordering the same meal when dining at an Indian restaurant go to Sylhet Spice and put yourselves in the waiters’ hands, you never know, you might find your new favourite dish. We recommend phoning to book ahead at the weekend to save disappointment as the restaurant is very popular and ask for the table in the window!! Although Sylhet Spice is not licensed to sell alcohol, you are welcome to bring your own drinks with they will cork for no extra charge.Sylet-_Spice


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