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The Horse & Jockey – Wessington

The Horse & Jockey – Wessington

Thursday is ‘veg box’ day! Many months ago we embraced the spirit of the eco culture and decided that a weekly, organic veg box would be a great idea. The fridge and the larder were not at their usual ‘straining at the seams’ capacity and so it was with great bravado I announced that I would prepare dinner from the Thursday vegetable delivery. The Thursday cardboard box of goodies contained 5 yellow plums, 4 fair trade bananas, a load of broad beans, a small box of Portobello mushrooms (assorted sizes) and a bunch of carrots. I defy even the most inventive contestant on Master Chef put together an exciting evening meal from that lot!

Fortunately, not too far away, is the Horse and Jockey at Wessington. It’s a pub that works on two levels – a local where, on warm summer evenings, dog walkers meet for a chat and a pint and also as a cosy venue for casual dining. With contents of the box safely refrigerated it was just a ten minute journey to dinner.

Before long we were standing at the bar ordering a glass of wine and a pint. The Pier 42 chilled Pinot Grigio was just right – ripe citrus and green apple. I chose a pint of Doom Bar, the tipple of choice of private investigator Cormorant Strike; J.K. Rowling’s main character from her first thriller ‘A Cuckoos Calling’. After a brief chat with Phil Bagshaw we made our way to the dining room.

Phil and Tina Bagshaw have been running the Horse and Jockey for over 2 years and are always on the look out to try something new to enhance the pub and dining experience. They have recently started making their own homemade, thin crust pizzas with a variety of toppings. Prices start at £6.75.

The menu is very traditional with lunch-time sandwiches and light snacks through to pies and grills. The steaks include rump, rib-eye and sirloin all served with a dish of tender peas and homemade chips.

We started by sharing a plate of breaded mushrooms. This was served with a fresh salad and a mayonnaise dip. A light, tasty way to start a meal. Most of the starters, like the mushrooms, cost around £3.75.

For her main Susan chose the steak and ale pie with chips and peas. The steak was slow cooked pieces of shin beef in a rich gravy. The meat was in bite sized pieces and the slow cooking had left it tender and tasty. The chips were a golden brown and made more delicious by dipping in the sauce from the pie. The pie along with the chips and peas was £8.95.

I chose the Bagshaw burger – a combination of 2, 4 ounce beef burgers, bacon, slices of cheese and fried onion rings between a toasted bun, served with chips and a salad. It was a hearty main course. The beef burgers had been char grilled – still beefy but with a hint of the bar-b-que. The burger was £7.95.

With such generous portions we once more chose to share a dish for dessert. At the Horse and Jockey they make their own ice cream. So without hesitation we both chose two different flavours. I picked the cherry and Susan the rum and raisin. 2 scoops of each arrived in the same dish! Homemade ice cream is the best. It was creamy and full of natural flavour.

The pub hosts various themed evenings and is well worth a visit. Thank you to everyone at the Horse and Jockey for their hospitality. …and look out for the eggs and milk vending machine in the car park!

Dave Dykes


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