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Dining at The Rising Sun

Dining at The Rising Sun
The Rising Sun at Wirksworth has, over this last year, become firmly established on many people’s regular dining schedule. Since Steve and Laura arrived, the pub has had a complete refurbishment and the menu is continually refreshed to reflect the current trends in dining.  Interestingly what is popular one year can be yesterday’s news.

The new menu will always feature traditional favourites because as diners we become ‘stick in the muds’. That really describes me, but as winter menus are introduced, now is the time to experiment so why not make a start at the Rising Sun? If you needed any other incentive as the winter draws in and the evenings are colder, they’ve started to light the fire so you’re greeted with that welcoming warmth as soon as you step foot through the door.  Now that’s how a pub should be.

Finding a cosy corner in the Rising Sun will transport you back years. The old photographs on the walls depict Wirksworth’s  history. I’m not sure what beer they drank back then but the bar on our visit featured Pedigree and Doombar so the competition began immediately, but deciding for a change to stray away from those, I chose Timothy Taylor’s Landlord with my eye on the Blue Monkey which I will try next time. The Rising Sun prides itself on its real ale selection and rightly so as there’s a great choice.

We shared the warm camembert starter, served with a lovely dressed salad and red onion chutney with warm slices of bread to dip. A very sociable way to start a meal.

When we last wrote about the food here it was from the summer menu but now the dark cold nights have arrived, it has taken on a more comforting type of food and this is reflected on the specials board with winter warmers introduced by the head chef Di Morley.

My choice on the wet and windy evening that we arrived with friends was the lamb casserole served with a garlic and rosemary mash. It was piping hot with plenty of juice to mix in with the mash. I thought it best to try a few potato wedges from an extra portion we ordered, just to see what they were like!

I watched as other meals came out of the kitchen and all the portions were very generous, so no skimping here, you can be assured of a good feed. My dining partners had the lasagne which looked pretty good and the sea-bass fish cakes, a lighter choice served with a side salad.

I’d have to say we were pretty full-but decided to share a pudding anyway and the peanut and caramel dessert was great, I would recommend it.

To briefly give you an example of other dishes available on the specials board; brie and red onion quiche with new potatoes and salad at a very reasonable £6.95, chicken and bacon tagliatelle, £8.95 and tandoori chicken breast at £9.95.

It’s worth noting that at this time of year places start to get busy earlier in the evening so booking a table is by far the best idea. Our thanks to Steve for being a generous host and hope the success continues.

Call 01629 823247 or visit  www.therisingsunmiddleton.co.uk


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