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Dining Out at Sylhet Spice – Ripley

Dining Out at  Sylhet  Spice  – Ripley

I can think of no better way of warming up on a cold, dark night than by indulging yourself in a delicious Indian meal that has been expertly cooked and perfectly presented in warm and luxurious surroundings.

Located on Nottingham Road in Ripley is the contemporary and impressive Sylhet Spice.

We were warmly welcomed at the door and shown to our table by the owner, Bod. His natural hospitality was evident right from the start and throughout the entire evening.

Although it was early there were already a fair few diners in the restaurant and as the evening progressed the room filled up nicely.

The restaurant oozes opulence having been recently refurbished and is spacious with an ambient atmosphere.

After our drinks order had been taken we were shown the menus by the manager who talked us through the vast choices of cuisine on offer. Alongside the more popular Asian dishes the menu also included some traditional Eastern choices combined with Western influences to create a distinctly new and vibrant fusion of flavours.

The manager suggested giving us a selection of dishes to provide a mixture of flavours and delights to stimulate the palate. Whether you are already a connoisseur of Indian cuisine or are seeking new and adventurous flavours you will certainly find something to satisfy your appetite. If what you are looking for is not on the menu the chef will be only too happy to create a dish for you.

For our starters we skipped the traditional popadoms and pickles and had Chicken Pakora Stir Fry in a sweet and sour style sauce with fresh green chillies, onions and peppers, a lovely dish with quite a kick to it. We also shared Zafrani Chicken, cooked with spring onions, spinach and cheddar cheese in a Zafrani sauce. Next we tried the Spicy Cheese Bite; cheddar cheese, chilli and red onions rolled together in fine breadcrumbs, a favourite of my partner. The stand out starter for me was the Navrang Tikka, unexplainably delicious!

Having understood our preferences once again we were presented with a beautiful array of four different dishes, with a variety of rice and Naan breads and a lovely light salad. We started with Samba Chicken; chicken tikka cooked with fresh green chillies in a rich garlic sauce topped with a thick layer of garlic infused Thaka Dhal. This was my favourite dish and truly authentic. Shahi Jai Puri, was chicken tikka in a medium strength sauce topped with a layer of fried onions and mushrooms.  Once again exquisite flavours. My partner’s favourite of the night was Desi Tawa; chicken with tender lamb cooked with mushrooms and capsicums in a medium strength sauce served on a sizzling hot plate. The last dish was Kashmiri Chicken; a traditional dish created from ground coriander, ginger and ground mustard seed cooked with chicken tikka to create a highly flavoured dish.

Despite being full to bursting after this amazing banquet we found a little space to finish off the meal with coffees and mints and simply slip into a state of gourmet heaven.

The Sylhet Spice comes highly recommended. Thank you to the whole team who were dedicated to providing us with the highest quality service and ensuring that we had a truly memorable evening!

Although Sylet Spice is not licensed to sell alcohol, you are welcome to bring your own drinks which they will cork for no extra charge.

Alistair Plant


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