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Lipomassage at Prestige Beauty

Lipomassage at Prestige Beauty

Prestige beauty is a very stylish and visually opulent salon that dominates the Market Place in the very historic and popular, up and coming town of Belper.
The entrepreneurial owner of this fabulous establishment, Susan Basile, has spent over 16 years in the industry and has a wealth of valuable knowledge within her field of expertise.

Susan prides herself in keeping ahead of new developments, technology and treatments that are constantly coming into the market. The latest exciting new investment that Susan is thrilled to be able to offer her customers is the truly outstanding Lipomassage experience.
Lipo massage targets fat that is resistant to dieting and physical exercise, releases fat and firms wherever you want giving visible results after the very first session.
After six sessions results intensify, fatty volumes decrease, cellulite dimples become smoother and your skin firmer. The treatment is also fabulous for stretch marks, burns and scar tissue.


Susan invited me along for a 35 minute session of Lipomassage and with a pending holiday and the dreaded thought of trying to be “bikini ready” I couldn’t wait to get the treatment started and jumped at the chance. Being relatively slim and practising a healthy lifestyle I have always struggled to rid my body of cellulite dimples and my slightly flabby Mummy Tummy/ Muffin Top which I am sure many ladies amongst us can relate to. I would truly love to find something that can give a helping hand with rapid results and that is risk free.

Susan started the session by giving me an initial computerised consultation which was to assess my figures needs. From this information Susan was quickly able to create my own unique Lipomassage treatment programme. I had the Gynoid treatment which is typical for buttocks, saddlebags and legs.
I was taken through to the treatment room where I was quickly made to feel relaxed and at ease due to the beautiful subtle lighting, and calming surroundings. My skin was then moisturised in the defined areas and prepared with the LPG Soins Techniques. These creams maximise tissue response by 50%. Next I put on the Endermowear clothing which guarantees perfect hygiene and the effectiveness of the treatment. Susan then started the treatment applying the Ergodrive head to my skin to stimulate the natural slimming and rejuvenation process. Slight pressure was applied but the machine does all the work. The treatment was administered with independent motorised rollers. The motion of the rollers gently yet deeply massaged my skin. The treatment did not hurt and although it was very intense and worked deep into the tissue it was a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience. I couldn’t wait to see the results.


Once I removed the body stocking I couldn’t believe the appearance of my skin! I was astounded. My skin appeared smoother, tighter and softer with certainly less dimples! I felt lighter in my legs and as a result happier in myself due to instant visible results! So exciting! This is definitely a treatment that I will be repeating and I already feel more confident about my pending holiday.
Susan was 100% committed to ensuring that the treatment was individual to my needs and offered me the highest standard of treatment from entering the salon to departure. The treatment was second to none.
It exceeded all my expectations, in fact I simply can’t wait to return for my second session. When can you fit me in Susan?

Alistair Plant


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