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Liz Earle – Tried & Tested

Liz Earle – Tried & Tested

Keep Naturally Hydrated with Liz Earle

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SuperskinTM Moisturiser with natural neroli 50ml £39

Since day one, Liz Earle has maintained a refreshingly honest approach towards the reality  of ageing. In keeping with their Naturally Active philosophy to harness nature’s most powerful botanicals, at levels that make a genuine difference to skin, they’ve created  two luxurious super creams – Superskin™ Moisturiser unfragranced for sensitive skin, and Superskin™ Moisturiser with natural neroli – both designed to replenish, smooth  and plump mature or very dry skin.

Enriched with the same high performance, skin-perfecting botanicals as its original predecessor, Superskin™ Moisturiser with natural neroli is also infused with the delicate scent of neroli, chamomile and lavandin pure essential oils, creating a sensorial twist on Liz Earle’s original super cream.

In addition, this heavenly-scented, luxurious cream is also enriched with pomegranate flower extract – an impressive source of antioxidant polyphenols and collagen-protecting anthocyanidins and flavonoids, to bolster the Superskin™ effect and help ‘slow the ticking’.

The supercharged botanicals :

British borage oil – one of nature’s richest sources  of GLA (gamma linolenic acid)

Shea butter – sustainably sourced in Africa

Pomegranate fruit extract (original) – a powerful antioxidant Pomegranate flower extract (fragranced with  natural neroli) Rosehip oil – high in essential fatty acids

Natural source vitamin E.

Daily refreshment for radiant skin Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic 200ml £14.50

This heavenly scented, non-drying toner, enriched with naturally active extracts of aloe vera,  calendula and cucumber, instantly revitalises, soothes and brightens skin. Gentle and alcohol-free, it adds a fine veil of radiance-boosting moisture, while a blissful blend of rose-scented geranium, lavender and sweet orange essential oils help restore and revive your spirits.

Available in two formats – a convenient twist-cap bottle or pump spritzer – Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic is perfect for keeping your complexion radiant and hydrated wherever you go. While it is primarily intended as a post-cleansing toner, it can also be spritzed over make up as a refreshing skin fix, or applied as a hydrating pre-make up primer.

The essential second step

Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic is the essential second stage of your daily 3-step routine

Use daily after Cleanse & Polish™, morning and night.

Follow with your choice of Liz Earle Moisturiser.  Suitable for all skin types.

Skin Repair™ Moisturiser 50ml £20.25

The essential third step in Liz Earle’s iconic 3-step routine, Skin Repair™ Moisturiser  intensely hydrates, smoothes and protects skin, leaving it instantly replenished and  radiantly healthy-looking.

Rich in naturally active ingredients, including borage  oil – a rich source of the essential fatty acid GLA – replenishing avocado oil, and natural antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin E, this perfectly balanced moisturiser conditions the skin, allowing it to reach  its true, radiant potential.

Available in three different formulas –  Light Combination/oily, Normal/combination and Dry/sensitive, Skin Repair™ Moisturiser allows you to easily customise your daily skincare routine.

Skin Repair™ Light Moisturiser Combination/oily  Light and gentle, this easily absorbed lotion is ideal for combination, oily or problem skin.

Skin Repair™ Moisturiser Normal/combination This perfectly balanced moisturiser softens, smoothes and conditions for a naturally radiant glow.

Skin Repair™ Moisturiser Dry/sensitive This nourishing formula softens, smoothes and  replenishes dry or sensitive skin.

In line with the Liz Earle Beauty Co. philosophy,  Skin Repair™ Moisturiser has never been tested  on animals and is certified under the Humane  Cosmetics Standard by Cruelty Free International.

Tried & Tested

Skin Repair Light Moisturiser

This smells lovely, a little goes a long way. Keeps my skin hydrated all day. I love using natural products and would recommend this! VP 4/5

Superskin Moisturiser

For me the list of natural ingredients in this product is impressive, especially the pomegranate flower extract which is high in vitamin E. I found it an extremely good moisturiser which continued working through the day. JP 5/5

Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic

I liked its light floral-scent. It is both refreshing and comforting. It left my skin feel supple without leaving an oily residue. Gently sweep over your face morning and night on a ball of cotton wool; perfect in the hot summer months to make your skin feel refreshed. CB 4/5


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