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Nourish your skin with Clarins

Nourish your skin with Clarins

Winter is on its way so take a little extra time to nourish and care for the skin you’re in with Clarins.

HydraQuench Cream 50ml £35

80-70-13…The vital statistics for perfectly moisturised skin.

Skin which is ideally hydrated – 80% water in the dermis, 65-70% in the epidermis and 13% in the horny layer – is soft, supple and glows with good health. Drop below these percentages and skin will feel dry and tight and look lined and lacklustre.

New HydraQuench Cream is a light, silky-textured cream for normal to dry skin in moderate climates. A hydrating and pollution protecting formula rich in katafray bark extract, hyaluronic acid complex, sorbier bud extract and E3P complex.

2-Types of Hyaluronic Acid.

An innovative complex of two forms of hyaluronic acid – one with a low molecular weight and one with a high molecular weight – which together replenish the skin’s deep-down dermal water reservoir and maintain the ideal hydration level at the skin’s surface by trapping moisture from perspiration and humidity.

Fair Trade Katafray Bark Extract.

To boost the skin’s own hydrating mechanisms by stimulating the production of the protein filaggrin, a key component of the skins protective horny layer and a precursor of the skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF).

Sorbier Bud Extract.

Targets microcirculation and helps promote radiant, healthy skin.

HydraQuench Cream SPF 15

A light, fresh-textured cream for normal to dry skin, that’s rich in hydrating and pollution protecting katafray bark extract, hyaluronic acid complex, sorbier bud extract, E3P complex and UVA/UVB sun filters.

Hydra-Matte Lotion 50ml £28

A fresh, non-oily lotion for shiny, combination skin, containing sebumsensitive encapsulated active ingredients that adapt to the needs of an oily ‘T’ zone and dryer cheeks. Green algae and linden moisturise, reduce redness and soothe; chrysin reduces the number of sebum-producing cells; white dead nettle, alpine willow herb, zinc and vitamin B6 regulate oil production, refine skin texture and tighten pores; Lantana extract purifies and gently exfoliates; ultra-fine powders absorb excess oil and reduce shine; Clarins anti-pollutioncomplex comforts and protects.

Super Restorative Tinted Cream SPF20 40ml £44

Replenishes  and Protects

Tinted moisturisers provide the perfect shortcut to fresh, dewy, glowing skin by combining all the benefits of a protective day cream with a reassuring touch of colour. Think 3-5% of colour pigment compared to the 15-20% in a foundation. A deeply replenishing and protective fluid tinted day cream that not only reactivates skin weakened by age but also smoothes, brightens and adds a subtle glow with some clever pigment technology. It comes in four easy-wear shades and is packaged in a quick, clean pump-dispenser tube.


Hydra-Matte Lotion

This glides on easily and soaks in almost straight away. Perfect for when you’re in a rush. It stays matte too, great for oily / combination skin. A true winner all round

5/5 VP

HydraQuench Cream

I found this cream really fed and moisturised my skin without being heavy or oily.  You can use it sparingly and apply make-up straight on top. I really rate this moisturiser as excellent and perfect for the end of summer.JP 5/5

Super Restorative Tinted cream.

This went on very smoothly, had a lovely fragrance, and gave a subtle coverage. I would just advise that because there are so many different shades, you try before you buy.

CB. 3/5

Vicky PLant


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