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Product Test – Balance Me

Product Test – Balance Me

the power of nature and  the knowledge of science

We provide our customers with a natural skincare alternative, to achieve visible results through botanically active formulations that we manufacture in the UK.
Our pioneering skincare has been made possible thanks to innovative advances in natural chemistry. Over the years we’ve been able to push the boundaries on what is possible in natural beauty innovation and introduce skincare to solve everyday concerns such as fine lines, loss of tone, pigmentation and sensitivity, without creating others.

Flash Cleanse Micellar Water 180ml £16

Perfectly cleansed and radiant skin in a flash Following the success of their Collagen Boost range which launched in 2015, Balance Me is delighted to announce the introduction of Collagen Boost Flash Cleanse Micellar Water. Quicker and easier to use than face wipes, Flash Cleanse is the fool proof, fuss free way to remove make up and dirt. More than just a micellar, Collagen Boost Flash Cleanse’s unique peptide complex boosts skin’s collagen and elastin production, while Chamomile soothes, Bergamot brightens dull complexions and Neroli and Mandarin Oils encourage healthy skin cell regeneration.

Key benefits
• A quick and effective way to cleanse the face without stripping the skin.
• Powerful ingredients that work in synergy to create a smoother, plumper skin surface.

Restore and Replenish Face Cream 50ml £40

Firms, smooths and promotes collagen production At the core of the new Collagen Boost line is the Restore and Replenish Face Cream, a super hydrating daily moisturiser containing a unique peptide complex to boost collagen and enhance the skin’s ability to repair and restore itself.

Key benefits
• A day and night cream that offers multi level protection against premature ageing.
• Powerful ingredients that work in synergy to create a smoother, plumper skin surface.
• Instantly boosts hydration and radiance.

Wonder Eye Cream 15ml £20

Refreshing, awakening and lifting Wonder Eye Cream is hydrating but light and absorbs beautifully, helping to immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

Key benefits
• The delicate skin around the eyes is strengthened and better able to protect itself against signs of ageing.
• An instant hydration hit smooths fine lines and helps to reduce the appearance of fatigue.

Key ingredients
Hyaluronic Acid A super fine grade that is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, and can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water to help skin instantly hydrate, smooth and plump from within.

Cucumber Oil Calms, soothes and brightens the eye area. Witch Hazel Tightens skin, reduces inflammation and puffiness.

For more information and to buy online visit www.balanceme.co.uk

Restore and Replenish Face Cream is a natural collagen boosting face cream, it quickly absorbs into my skin which is perfect in the mornings for the school rush before applying my makeup. Over time it aims at fine lines and wrinkles, but even after the first use it gave my skin an instant plump and glow. Great Product! CB

Wonder Eye Cream, I found this cream really soothing which I imagine is from the cucumber oil and witch hazel that it contains. It was soon absorbed and felt lovely and light. A reassuringly gentle eye cream to use. I loved it. JP

Micellar Water has a great pump action dispenser. The product smells lovely and cleansers effortlessly. I’m a big fan of Micellar Water rather than a standard cream cleanser. Love this. VP


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