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Product Test – Miller Harris

Product Test – Miller Harris

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Scherzo Body Wash £24

Lose yourself in your own story with the unique character and intensity of our Scherzo Body Wash. Every lather unleashes a new chapter of lavish richness with the heady combination of Davana, Patchouli and Oud. With coconut extracts and vitamin E to nourish, and floral energy to excite, every shower becomes a plot twist that leaves your skin silky and your mind intoxicated.

Scherzo Hand

Delve into the dramatic sensation of our intensely scented Scherzo Hand Cream. The complex characters of rose, oud and patchouli meet the richness of shea butter, argan oil, glycerin, and aloe vera in a story of sensorial pleasure for the hands. Tell a tale with every application; the plot twists are sure to be many.

Scherzo Body Cream £40

Adorn yourself with a vibrant and heady cloud of scent rich with bold contrasts. Sweet, sugar flowers and opulent roses dance beneath a haze of smoky oud and golden olibanum, creating an intoxicating and addictive signature. Scherzo Body Cream is richly scented and nourishes the skin with shea butter, coconut oil and organic argan oil, skin softening vitamin E and vitamin B5, and white tea extract, leaving it smoothed and moisturised.


Body Cream

“Superbly scented body cream which leaves the skin nourished and feeling soft.”   –  VP

Hand Cream

“This lightly scented cream that reminded me of sitting in a floral garden in the middle of summer. I found it a good moisturiser and yet it didn’t leave my hands feeling sticky but nice and smooth”  –  JP

Body Wash

“Gorgeous body wash. It smells so amazing and it lingers on your skin long after you use it, a small amount makes a rich lather. Highly recommended”  –  CB


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