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Product Test – Skin Academy ZERO

Product Test – Skin Academy ZERO

Skin Academy has just launched the UK’s most eco-friendly beauty range, Skin Academy Zero.

Skin Academy Zero is the first mass market, 100% natural, 100% recyclable / recycled packaging and sustainable skincare range that is set to shape the future of the beauty industry.

The innovation sets a new environmental standard in the beauty industry, creating a product range which champions green, ethical practices in both how the products are made and how they are packaged, whilst not compromising on their quality and benefits to the skin. 

The range of six products feature; a night cream, a day cream, an eye cream, facial scrub, facial wash and hand cream, which are all made from 100% natural ingredients. There are zero artificial ingredients, fragrances or preservatives, zero parabens and zero SLES / SLS. The brand really is Zero by name and zero by nature and the entire product range is Vegan friendly too.

Holly Wagman, NPD Manager for Skin Academy who is behind the pioneering launch said: “The concept comes from extensive research in to the sustainable beauty industry which we found to be practically non-existent!  The formulation has taken us years to perfect but we are thrilled with the results of Zero.  We are bringing to market the ultimate nourishing and deeply hydrating formula packed with 100% natural and sustainably sourced actives, all packaged in reusable, recyclable tubes made from sugar cane ethanol and cardboard boxes.

“Our intention was to create a stand out range that allows consumers the luxury of natural, premium skincare at affordable prices, without damaging the environment. Our tagline for ZERO really is our brand ethos; we want our consumer to feel beautiful and confident in his or her own skin, recognising the importance of self-care whilst still helping provide an environmentally friendly future for all.

“It’s ‘’Your Skin, Your Planet’’, so why can’t we care for both at the same time? We feel confident we can help customers make the conscious choice to drive sustainable skincare and protect our planet at the same time.”


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