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Product Test – Smell Good with River Island Fragrances

Product Test – Smell Good with River Island Fragrances

Womenswear fragrance fashion Capitals of the World. Inspired by the fashion capitals of the world, Paris, Milan and London, these fragrances have been designed to complement your style, day or night.

Leaders, not followers, take cues from iconic cities and push your boundaries. Nothing will complete your looks like a deliciously unique scent. 

London – NEW 

London is River Island’s new fragrance withing the collection. The perfume is beautiful, bold and crowned with confidence, inspired by the capital city. The notes of Jasmine are fresh and vibrant and are combined with the top note of neroli, which has a sweet-floral scent with an element of citrus, creating a refreshing summery

London EDT: 100ml RRP £16


Inspired by the glamour and elegance of Milan, the fragrance has a sweet floral scent. Bergamot is the top note, which has a gorgeous citrus-like scent. This being combined with the sweetness of the peach, lavender and jasmine Milan the ideal fruity perfume for a summer’s day. 

Milan EDT: 75ml RRP £14

Paris by Night 

Paris by night embodies the mystery and allure of the fashion capital. An oriental floral scent is built through the inclusion of mandarin, grapefruit and orange flower note to ensure that the fragrance has a light feel to it. However, additional warmth is created through caramel and vanilla notes. 

Paris by Night EDT: 75ml RRP £14


It’s as easy to fall in love with this fragrance as it is the fashion capital. 

In River Island’s Paris perfume, the top notes of cut grass, combined with Italian lemon, bergamot, and apple blossom, create a beautiful oriental summer scent.

Paris EDT: 75ml RRP £14

For more information and to buy online visit www.riverisland.com



This has really good  quality packaging and glass bottle. A sweet scent lasts most of the day. Very impressed with this. VP


A very feminine perfume, long lasting and individual. Beautifully presented to sit elegantly on any dressing table.


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