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Product Test – Weleda

Treat soil, the skin of the Earth, as you would your own skin.

Soil, just like our skin, is a living, breathing eco-system. It is the living skin of our Earth. But a third of the Earth’s soil is degraded, threatening animal and plant habitats, and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. For over a century, Weleda has been growing the plants used to make our iconic products using natural, soil-friendly methods. We keep soil healthy and make it as biodiverse as possible by using soil-friendly biodynamic farming methods and collaborating with regenerative farming projects around the world. Our commitment to soil is at the heart of all our ingredient sourcing because it is the key to thriving ecosystems. Without healthy soils, we cannot tackle the crisis facing nature today.

Skin Food £8.25 

The ultimate natural moisturiser for dry, rough skin everywhere.
Our best beauty secret – we’ve shared it with our customers since 1926. Now it’s your turn to discover the secret to soft skin.

Harmony Aroma

Experience the fresh woody scent of silver and Siberian fir trees, bringing the harmony of the forest to your shower. Harmony Aroma Shower allows you to experience the harmony of the forest in the shelter of a woodland glade. The fresh woody scent of silver and Siberian fir trees mingles with a hint of aromatic lavandin combining the harmony of the forest with a relaxing moment.

Arnica Recuperating
Bath Milk

An aromatic sensation, Arnica Recuperating Bath Milk combines the natural power of arnica – potent for aching, bruising and strain – with sensual rosemary and lavender essential oils, and invigorating birch leaf extract. Relaxing in warm water imbued with this soak brings relief for tired body and spirit. Lean back and let recovery soak into you as the steam rises.  


Arnica Recuperating Bath Milk 

As the gardening season gets well under way so my muscle ache increases. Adding this to a warm bath in the evening helped to relax my muscles. The essential oils were subtle but created a relaxing atmosphere too. GP
Weleda Skin food 

Using this on my hands and legs I was impressed by the long-term benefits of this cream. It is not the easiest to rub in, but it made a significant difference which lasted, reducing the dryness. JP

Alistair Plant


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