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Swell 3-Step Hair System

Swell 3-Step Hair System

No More Fine, Limp Hair!

With a staggering 40% of women and a high percentage of men in Western Europe living with fine, limp and thinning hair, it is no surprise this genetic disadvantage is one of the most common hair complaints.

Whilst volume and body can be created with styling, few products on the market can genuinely provide long term results, with even fewer achieving this naturally.  Swell’s volume haircare system uses an expert blend of botanical extracts to provide an effective and genuine solution for this prevalent hair type in 3 easy steps.

Ultimate Volume Shampoo £25

Ulimated Volume Conditioner £28

Ultimate Volume Root Complex £32

The uniqueness of SWELL 3-step system lies in its ability to treat this issue at root level, creating stronger, healthier hair over time. Unlike many volumising systems on the market that use swelling devices to create a temporary cosmetic result, SWELL addresses the problem at the core of the hair fibre using its innovative 3-Step system.

The use of silicone and other volumising chemicals may make hair feel and appear fuller and denser, but the effect is short-term. It creates a vicious cycle as the chemicals mask the issue and damage the hair by breaking the cuticles, thus becoming increasingly deconditioned and remaining thin and limp.

SWELL’s multi-award winning 3-Step System cleans the hair of silicone build-up, ensuring it receives the nourishment it has been missing. It addresses the real problem by optimising existing hair from day one and then treating the roots to create hair that grows stronger and healthier.

No Parabens, No SLS, No Silicones, Min 97% Natural Source

For more information and where to purchase visit www.swell.co.uk

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Tried & Tested

Swell Ultimate Volume Root Complex is full of natural ingredients. Spray on the roots of your towel dried  hair, it instantly gave my hair boost and volume without leaving any dull residue. The morning after using, my hair still has boost and was controllable because it did not become sticky. Swell also aims to increase hair growth and reduce hair loss if used regularly. CB. 5/5

No Silicones, Parabens, SLS or Chemical Build-up the website said so I was intrigued to try this product. Happily I found it was definitely better than my usual shampoo. It left my hair feeling clean and manageable and hopefully over a longer time will strengthen and thicken my hair.  5/5 JP

Ultimate Volume Masque: This smells amazing, really natural. It glides on and left my hair beautifully soft and manageable. 4/5 VP

Vicky PLant


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