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Tried & Tested: Balance Me

Tried & Tested: Balance Me

Restore Your Skin’s Balance with Balance Me

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Firms, smooths and promotes collagen production

At the core of the new Collagen Boost line is the Restore and Replenish Face Cream, a super hydrating daily moisturiser containing a unique peptide complex to boost collagen and enhance the skin’s ability to repair and restore itself.

Key benefits

• A day and night cream that offers  multi-level protection against premature ageing.

• Powerful ingredients that work in synergy to create a smoother, plumper skin surface.

• Instantly boosts hydration and radiance. Key ingredients The Collagen Boost range is super charged with a unique natural peptide complex, which contains four cutting edge ingredients: Tri-peptide 100% naturally derived amino acid chain that mimics broken down collagen, tricking your cells into producing more. It also blocks the enzymes that destroy collagen, making it a true anti-ageing ingredient.

Pea Peptide 100% natural peptide that contains a complete source of known Amino Acids, meaning this is a concentrated source of skin-boosting nutrients. It harnesses the power of these cellular building blocks to provide essential anti-oxidant protection to the skin from everyday stresses. Hyaluronic Acid Holds over 1,000 times its weight in water to give immediate skin plumping results. Blackberry Leaf Extract Powerful antioxidant that reduces the impact of environmental damage and free radicals. It also prevents degradation of collagen and elastin to reduce signs of ageing. Perfect for All skin types including dry or dehydrated, those concerned with signs of ageing and redness or sensitivity. How to use, smooth an even layer of cream onto a cleansed face, neck and décolletage, morning and night.


Powerfully plumps, lifts and firms


Reduce the visible appearance of lines and wrinkles with this richly hydrating anti-ageing moisturiser, which contains a potent blend of natural actives and extracts to plump, firm and protect against the elements, with brilliantly visible results.

Key benefits

  A powerful anti-ageing formula that deeply hydrates and plumps the skin from within.

• Natural extracts work to tighten the protein fibre networks and minimise visible signs of ageing. • Anti-oxidants protect against environmental damage and premature ageing.


Refreshing, awakening and lifting


Wonder Eye Cream is hydrating but light and absorbs beautifully, helping to immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

Key benefits

• The delicate skin around the eyes is strengthened and better able to protect itself against signs of ageing.

• An instant hydration hit smooths fine lines and helps to reduce the appearance of fatigue. Key ingredients

• Cucumber Oil To calm, soothe and brighten the eye area.

• Witch Hazel To diminish dark shadows and help reduce puffiness. Hyaluronic Acid Our extra fine grade holds more than 1000 times its weight in water to plump and firm the delicate skin around the eyes.

Perfect for perking up the whole eye area for all ages and skin types. It is particularly good for sensitive eyes.


Restore and Replenish Face Cream
This is lovely to use but I wasn’t quite sure how effective it was. Six weeks later however I’m really pleased, I definitely have less lines showing and my skin feels in much better condition. CB 5/5

Wonder Eye Cream
I think the area around your eyes is a really giveaway of both your age and how you feel so this was a cream I was anxious to try.  The fact that it is made with 99% natural ingredients gave me confidence and I have used this twice a day for some weeks with very encouraging results. JP 4/5

Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream
This smells lovely and instantly plumps fine wrinkles. I was hoping for more from this cream though but it’s a natural product and that says a lot. 3/5 VP

Katie Jobling


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