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Tried & Tested – Clarins

Tried & Tested – Clarins

Product Test Review – Clarins

Moisture Rich Body Lotion

200ml £31

A rich, creamy lotion with a seductively appealing fragrance, which effectively rescues dry skin.

To the touch, skin becomes softer, smoother and more supple. To the eye, skin becomes firmer, brighter and more youthful.

Extensive testing

Test 1: Skin Hydration. Test panel volunteers applied Moisture-Rich Body Lotion and as soon as it had

absorbed, skin hydration was found to have increased

by 68%. And after daily use for one month, skin hydration was maintained at a 17% increase.

Test 2: Skin Firmness. After daily use for one month, skin firmness had increased by 12%.

Test 3: Consumer Appraisal. After using Moisture Rich Body Lotion for one month, 94% of test panel volunteers noted an immediate and long-term improvement in the condition of their skin.

Radiance Plus – Golden Glow

30ml £27

A beautiful, sun-kissed glow from head to toe!

Clarins, the No.1 Self Tanning brand in the UK*, reinvented the art of self tanning in 2014 with Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Face, a unique, made-to-measure self tan. But Clarins doesn’t stop there. In response to women’s demands, Clarins launched Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body, an incredibly easy to use concentrated self tan that can be added to your regular body moisturiser.

An innovative product that delivers exceptional results and more importantly, gives every woman a natural healthy glow from head-to-toe, all year round, in a daily golden drop of made-to-measure self tan.

Tonic Body Balm

200ml £32

A deeply conditioning aromatic formulation with a soft, buttery texture. Skin treatment. Nourishes, moisturises, protects. The key ingredient is apple seed oil which is rich in essential nutrients and is a powerful inhibitor of free radicals.

Toning. To increase the skin’s energy levels and firmness the Tonic Body Balm also contains ginseng extract.

Method of use Use daily after a shower or bath and massage over the skin using light, sweeping movements from the ankles up to the waist and from the wrists to the shoulders. Suitable for all skin types.

Product Test

Golden Glow

New innovative way to apply self tan by mixing these little drops in made to measure amounts into your daily body moisturiser! Easy to apply, good results! 4/5

Moisture-Rich Body Lotion

Even with the Shea-butter and coconut oil, this lotion is quickly absorbed and my skin feels lovely after using it. I found it especially good on my legs  which after wearing thick tights all winter were very dry. The fragrance is subtle and delicate. A definite 5/5. JP

Tonic Body Balm

This is perfect to use after a bath or shower to moisturise your skin. It very quickly absorbs into your skin so you don’t have to wait to get dressed and it doesn’t leave an oily effect on your clothes, it instantly makes your skin look and feel healthier! Beautifully scented with geranium, mint and rosemary – perfect as an everyday all over moisturiser. 5/5 CB   

Katie Jobling


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