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Tried & Tested – Elemis

Tried & Tested – Elemis

British Botanical Body Cream £25 200ml
Take the burgeoning rays of sunshine on an early summer morning, as life in an English garden begins to stir. A formula that echoes the layered aromatics of a garden coming to life; the British Botanical Body Cream by ELEMIS.

Moisturising is only part of the story. The skin is conditioned by Lavender and Chamomile oils, nature’s anti-inflammatories, which soothe and balance.  Geranium and Palmarosa leave a light veil of delicate fragrance while Milk Proteins and omega-rich Echium oil relax into the skin to deeply hydrate. Organic Oats, packed with minerals and vitamins, work particularly well for dry skin, leaving it as glossy as it is soft.

Extraordinary Results

  • Soothes & Comforts
  • 80% agreed that it left the skin feeling soothed and comforted
  • Hydrates & Nourishes 80% agreed that the product left skin feeling deeply hydrated and moisturised.  

NEW Frangipani Monoi Hand & Nail Cream £18.50 100ml
The softest touch for heaven-scent hands with the new Frangipani Monoi Hand & Nail Cream by ELEMIS. Capture the essence of tropical island life in the palm of your hands with the new Frangipani Monoi Hand & Nail Cream by ELEMIS, the latest addition to the Frangipani Monoi range. Let the delicate aromatic of this ‘Flower of the Gods’, combined with Tahitian Monoi oil, transport you to tranquil sun-drenched beaches and the rich undergrowth of the tropics.

Soothing Shea Butter and nourishing Macadamia Seed oil intensely moisturise, while vitamin-rich ingredients, packed with essential fatty acids and potent anti-oxidants, help to condition, quickly working to replenish and quench parched skin. Vitamins E, D and A soften and support cuticles. The emollient Panthenol, in its capacity to both attract and lock in moisture, strengthens fragile nails.

Hands and nails are left supple and hydrated – laced with a subtle, warming fragrance and protected against the elements. Feel the difference a little loving care makes and give hands the attention they deserve.

Extraordinary Results

  • Soft & Conditioned 82% agreed the product left hands feeling soft and conditioned*
  • Nourished 80% agreed the product left hands feeling nourished*
  • Moisturised 78% agreed the product restored moisture*

Sweet Orchid Body Cream £25 200ml
An exotic garden in the Far East. The sun has set and the heat of the day is rising into the sultry evening air. The flowers relax and release their intoxicating night-time scent. The essence of this evocative dusk interlude is captured within the Sweet Orchid Body Cream from ELEMIS. Layer the products and let the scent rise from your skin like a tropical bloom at nightfall.

Sweet Orchid Body Cream delights and soothes. Profoundly moisturising for the skin, deeply comforting for the mind, this formulation uses nourishing Sesame and Cherry Seed oils and exotic extracts including Japonica and Japanese Stone Orchid to soften the skin.

For more information visit www.elemis.com

Tried & Tested

Frangipani Monoi Hand And Nail Cream

I find winter the worst time of year for dry hands and brittle nails, and I found this cream very convenient to use. It was quickly absorbed and didn’t leave my hands feeling greasy. The surprising effect was that my nails were less brittle and cuticles softer. 4/5 JP

British Botanical Body Cream

A excellent product. As well as the cream smelling amazing with blends of lavender and chamomile oil and this fragrance lasting a long time, the body cream beautifully moisturisers your skin and is quickly absorbed and a little really goes a long way. 4/5 CB

Sweet Orchid Body Cream

A lovely floral fragranced body cream suitable for every day use. This soaks into the skin easily, and has long lasting hydration. 4/5 VP


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