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Tried & Tested – Weleda

Tried & Tested – Weleda

Naturally nourished with Weleda.

Citrus Hand and Nail Cream £9.95 50ml

The new Citrus Hand and Nail Cream leaves your skin velvety soft and your nails beautifully strong. The rich, nourishing formulation with extracts of calendula and viola tricolor (wild pansy) keeps even chapped hands soothed and smoothed. Natural carnauba and wool wax protect fragile nails and fine almond oil cares for cuticles to support the healthy growth of your nails.

Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Hand Cream £11.95 50ml

An intensively regenerating formulation, this easily-absorbed cream smoothes and firms with evening primrose oil, pampering shea butter, plus ultra-nourishing sesame and olive oils, leaving hands velvety soft. Regenerating centella asiatica and millet seed extracts strengthen skin and increase the feeling of elasticity.

Foot Balm £8.95 75ml

Weleda’s refreshing Foot Balm is 100% natural (NATRUE certified) and made with soothing plant extracts and pure essential oils in a gently fragranced cooling cream, to revitalise tired aching feet. The special non-greasy formula keeps skin feeling smooth and firm.

Free from any synthetic ingredients or artificial additives. Foot Balm is naturally fragranced with therapeutic essential oils – there is soothing lavender, invigorating rosemary and the citrus scent of sweet orange to help keep feet fresh.

Organic calendula, which Weleda grows biodynamically for extra quality and purity, is included for its natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. A natural antiseptic, calendula is renowned for soothing damaged or inflamed skin and promoting skin renewal following injury.

Great for fitness fanatics or running enthusiasts, myrrh extract provides additional antifungal actions, to help keep feet healthy. Kaolin (a natural clay mineral ingredient) helps whisk away perspiration so feet stay comfortably dry. Natural moisturisers including top quality virgin olive oil lightly nourish any dry or hard patches, to keep skin supple and soft.

Foot Balm is great for anyone who enjoys active sports, and will keep feet fresh and problem free inside boots or trainers for hours. This award-winning cream will also help ease the discomfort of tired or puffy feet after a long day standing, sight seeing or hiking, especially if pregnant. Great to soothe feet after hours standing at cocktail parties or weddings, or for toe-tapping freshness at dances. Try it at bedtime or when you are flying, to refresh tired, restless feet: the gentle massage will also help improve circulation.

For further information and stockists visit www.weleda.co.uk or call 0115 9448200


Tried & Tested

Foot Balm
This incredibly fast absorbing cream instantly hydrates leaving feet feeling smooth and refreshed. It really has improved the condition of my feet over just a couple of weeks use. Fabulous 5/5

Weleda Age Revitalising Hand Cream
I found this best to use just a small amount and rub well in. The results though were excellent, long lasting and have helped to even out my skin colour. 4/5

Weleda Citrus Hand and Nail Cream
leaves even the most chapped hands beautifully soft, perfect if you’re prone to cracked and dry hands, smells wonderfully fresh. Helps keep nails strong. 5/5


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