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Tried & Tested – This Works

Tried & Tested – This Works

Deep Sleep Body Therapy 100ml £20

A spray-on moisturiser to soothe your body and calm your mind before bed

Launched in 2011 with our iconic deep sleep pillow spray, the deep sleep range is now a collection of fast acting natural remedies proven to help overcome temporary periods of sleeplessness and re-instate a healthy sleep pattern.

WHEN: Wherever you are sleeping, this clever nocturnal, spray-on body hydrator provides fast-acting, efficient relief at bedtime and on into the night for both itchy, irritated skin and a racing mind.

HOW: A sophisticated Superblend of nourishing and moisturising ingredients including Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5 and Comfrey Root restore skin’s moisture balance and soothe, right from the first application. Meanwhile our signature deep sleep blend of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile cocoons you in a blissful veil of fragrance to gently lull you to sleep.

WHY: Perfect for tired and dehydrated skin, and an ideal way to cool down before bedtime (as high body temperature is a factor affecting sleep), this fast-absorbing formula and relaxing fragrance will feed your skin and ease your mind, setting your body to sleep mode.

Perfect Heels Rescue Balm 75ml £16

A deeply moisturising foot balm to repair and perfect parched skin

WHEN: After a long day on your feet (or in anticipation of one) massage in a small amount of this indulgently rich foot balm, designed to soften extremely dry, even cracked heels and battered toes. It’s easy to neglect our feet, but remember that they bear our full weight throughout the day and are prone to rubbing, blistering, swelling and broken veins.

HOW: Thanks to its highly effective 100% natural Superblend, nothing quite compares to this rescue balm. Regenerating Ecocert Cotton Thistle, Lemon and soothing  Lavender help to reconstruct the skin’s protective barrier, preventing and repairing cracked heels and dry feet. Cotton Thistle specifically strengthens cellular cohesion, preventing water loss and dehydration.

WHY: The hardworking ingredients accelerate skin regeneration effectively transforming badly cracked heels into younger looking, prettier, feet.

Energy Bank Body Makeover 120ml £32

A supercharged blend of precious oils to transform skin from head to toe

This potent aromatherapy range is designed to maximise the mood- boosting benefits of a good night’s sleep, enlivening mind and body and providing instant skincare benefits, with its Superblend of natural ingredients.

WHEN: Enjoy a positive start to your day with this boosting super moisturiser designed to maximise the skincare and mood benefits of a good night’s sleep, even when sleep may have been scarce. Its glow boosting ingredients target stretch marks, saggy and tired skin, smooth out uneven skintone and provide limbs that have become dehydrated overnight with enough hydration to feel revitalised and uplifted throughout the day.

HOW: Energy bank body makeover elevates your mood and fights flagging energy levels with its revitalising 100% natural fragrance, containing therapeutic levels of high-grade essential oils including Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Geranium Oils. Formulated with 8 essential oils, the nourishing, non-greasy Superblend works as a battery pack for all skintypes and ages.

WHY: The non-greasy formula sinks in immediately upon application and works fast to imbue skin with moisture, leaving it feeling soft, glossy and younger looking. Thanks to its hard-working blend of oils and sophisticated formula energy bank body makeover delivers targeted results naturally but in a far more potent way than your usual body moisturiser, making it an essential part of your daily routine.

Tried & Tested

Perfect Heels Rescue Balm
This is such a thick balm but it runs in really quickly. I was surprised how soft my feet seemed after just a couple of uses. A lovely product.
4/5 VP

Deep Sleep Body Therapy
A lovely product to use and quick to absorb, it left my skin feeling silky smooth. I’m not sure if it promoted sleep but it is very relaxing and uses genuine oils which give a soothing fragrance.
4/5 JP

Energy Bank Body Makeover
This works energy bank body makeover is an all over body oil. This is a great moisturiser made up of natural oils which not only leaves your skin looking healthy and soft but over time can help fade stretch marks and improve the skins elasticity.
4/5 CB

For more information and to buy online visit www.thisworks.com

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