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Tried & Tested with Neal’s Yard Remedies

Tried & Tested with Neal’s Yard Remedies

Love your Locks with Neals Yard Remedies.

This month we tried out 3 beautiful shampoos from the Neals Yard Range. We love the fact they’re organic! Give them a go.

Revitalising Orange Flower 

Shampoo 200ml £11.50

Our revitalising shampoo restores a natural shine to normal hair. The nutrient-rich blend of moringa, camellia, passion flower and neroli nourishes and cleanses your hair and scalp. All our shampoos have a natural low lathering foam to avoid stripping away the hair’s natural oils, which can leave it feeling brittle and dry as well as irritating the scalp.

•For normal hair.

•Floral blend of essential oils.

•Restores natural shine.

•Low lathering foam.

Invigorating Seaweed 

Shampoo 200ml £11.50

This refreshing shampoo contains mineral-rich seaweed and stimulating herbal extracts to suit all hair types. The gentle blend of botanical extracts and fresh scented rosemary cleanses your hair and scalp

•For all hair types

•With mineral-rich extracts

•Low lathering foam.

Nuturing Rose Shampoo 200ml £11.50

Our nurturing shampoo enhances the vibrancy and shine of dry, damaged or coloured hair, leaving it looking and feeling smoother. The blend of vitamin-rich rosehip, sea buckthorn, and passion flower oils gently cleanses your hair and scalp, and helps to minimise split ends.

•For dry, damaged or coloured hair.

•Improves vibrancy and shine.

•Low lathering foam


Orange Flower Shampoo

Smells  divine. Lathers up really well and left my hair feeling really clean and shiny. VP

Nurturing Rose Shampoo

Unfortunately, lockdown has not done my hair any favours with being in a centrally heated environment for most of the day. The gentle oils and low lather formula of Neals Yard have helped to remedy it and my hair feels all the better for it. JP 

Seaweed Shampoo 

Seaweed has been used for 1,000’s of years with well known health benefits. So I found this  shampoo gentle, it didn’t irritate my scalp, but cared for my hair in a natural way without harsh chemicals, and left it feeling in good condition. CB


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