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Lost House – Derwent Hall

Architect Joseph Aloysius Hansom undertook the work of creating an Elysium amongst the dark hills above Derwent. Next time you turn on the tap, you might spare a thought for poor old Derwent Hall. This interesting and distinguished house disappeared slowly beneath the waters of Derwent Reservoir between summer 1943 and 1945, when the last […]

Lost Houses – Sutton Scarsdale

The Arkwright family always did things in a big way. After all, was not Richard Arkwright junior – the cotton entrepreneur Sir Richard’s only son – called the “Richest Commoner in England”? Young Richard had six sons and four had estates bestowed upon them, on which to put down roots, the exceptions being Richard, the […]

Lost Houses – Potlock House

Potlock – the name derives from Old English ‘potte’ (depression) and  ‘lacu’ (stream) has had a long history. The site is crossed E-W by one of Derbyshire’s two Neolithic cursus monuments, huge communal enterprises of unknown utility, which are today only visible as crop marks and, in the case of this one, as a geophysics […]

Lost Houses – Burnaston House

Burnaston House was built for Ashton Nicholas Every Mosley JP DL (1792-1875) a relation of the Every family of Egginton. His father, Ashton Mosley of Park Hill, Egginton bought had bought 66 acres at Burnaston in 1810,which he had in 1820, settled on his son when he married Mary Theresa, daughter and heiress of William […]

Lyme Hall & It’s Park

It is hard to realise that this magnificent Palladian mansion on the western edge of the Peak District is within a stone’s throw of Greater Manchester. Brian Spencer enjoyed a day there recently. A narrow road off the A6 beyond Disley winds its way through Lyme Park for about a mile.  Suddenly the hall reveals […]