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Lost Houses – Wheston Hall

I realise that knowledgeable readers will read this heading and exclaim that Wheston Hall is not a lost house at all and still stands. Yet the rather mauled remnant which survived the collapse of much of the fabric in a gale in 1952 is largely a new house which made ingenious use of some surviving parts […]

Lost Houses – Cliffe House

Newton Solney is close enough to Burton-on-Trent to have been something of a magnet for the busy brewery owner and it attracted a number of members of the ‘Beerage’ with the Grettons at Bladon House, along with Allsopps at The Mount, Salts at Rock House and a succession of Hoskinses, Worthingtons and Ratcliffs at Newton […]

Lost Houses – Bearwardcote Hall

Moated Manor houses are relatively rare in Derbyshire, although several well known houses like Egginton, Radburne and Shipley Halls were certainly moated once, but the fashion for naturalistic landscape gardens in the 18th century led to their being enthusiastically filled in by landscape gardeners. Other sites are remembered by ‘moat’ place names. The great age […]

Swanwick Hall

The Hall at Swanwick is today regarded as the delightful 18th century villa built for Hugh Wood by Joseph Pickford of Derby in 1771-1772, which in its 19th century expanded form now forms the centrepiece of the former Grammar School in the village, to which the celebrated county architect George Henry Widdows built elegant and […]

The Study, Bonsall

Nearly everyone who came into close contact with Sir Richard Arkwright seems to have found him a difficult man: his wives, his business associates and the Cromford canal promoters all found him awkward. It will occasion no surprise then, to learn that his only son experienced similar problems. Richard Arkwright junior married in 1780, the […]

Lost Houses – Risley Hall

[dropcaps]There is still a Risley Hall in the village today, a pleasant hotel and in itself full of interest, having been built in the 18th century and expanded by the famous local entrepreneur E T Hooley. Yet before that, there was a very impressive house of much greater importance than its successor.[/dropcaps] There is only […]

Rowton House

[dropcaps]Domesday Book tells us that in 1066, Birchover, of which settlement Rowtor is part, was held by one Raven, as a berewick or outlier of Stanton-in-Peak. Rowtor was then as now a craggy outcrop of millstone grit sandstone overlying the lead-rich carboniferous limestone below. The lead that could be extracted from the latter ensured a […]

Lost Houses – Farnah Hall

[dropcaps]In its day, Farnah Hall, set in a delightful landscaped park not so far from Duffield, was something of an exercise in architectural contrasts. It had two ranges set side by side and whilst both can be accurately labelled Classical architecture, each was entirely different in almost every respect.[/dropcaps] Before it became little more than […]