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Lost Houses – The Field, Litchurch

In its declining years, this suburban Regency Villa was known merely as 237 Osmaston Road, Derby on the thoroughfare of the ancient pre-Roman route south of Derby towards Swarkestone Bridge. This was a place which in the early 19th century was still extremely rural; one has the description by Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) of the fields […]

Walking Stanage Edge

An alternative title for this walk could easily be ‘In the footsteps of Robin Hood and Little John’. Both Robin Hood and his right-hand man Little John are named in several features above and beyond Hathersage. A cave cut into the rocks of Stanage Edge is an alleged hiding place of the romantic outlaw and […]

Walking Beyond Dovedale

On many fine days, or for that matter on some that are not so fine, the area around the Dovedale Narrows can become so crowded that queues often build up as walkers try to cross the famous stepping stones. What they do not realise is that only a short mile or so downstream, the Dove […]