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Walk Around Birchover & Stanton Moor

Birchover is one of Derbyshire’s true hill villages. Set well away from any major road, it owes its existence to the attractively hued gritstone still quarried nearby. While there are not quite the numbers of men and women employed in the remaining quarry than in years gone by, there are still many of the original […]

A Walk around Rowarth

The chances are that if you are not acquainted with the area, you will be thinking to yourself, ‘Rowarth, where on earth is Rowarth?’ The village of Rowarth, the subject of this month’s walk, is one of those little known places one finds from time to time tucked away in some pleasant corner of the […]

Bringing Water to your Tap!

Without seeming to inconvenience anyone, a huge building site high above Ambergate on the outskirts of Crich has been well under way since October 2014.  When it is finished in 2017 there will be two massive underground concrete reservoirs capable of storing water to supply most of the top-up needs of Derby, Nottingham, and Leicester […]

Walk around Butterley

While this is intended to be used along with a ride on the Midland Railway from Butterley Station, it also makes a reasonably all-weather walk along the delightfully rural corridor that separates the industrial areas of Ripley and Alfreton. Quite short, it is only three miles long and there are no steep climbs on either […]

Walk around Carsington

On this walk you will be following the footsteps of ancient lead miners who delved beneath the rolling limestone hills of their neighbourhood. Two villages separated by the once common grazing grounds of Carsington Pasture are passed through along the way.  Both were home villages for many of the miners and as often follows, each […]

Creswell Crags

A onetime base camp for hunting expeditions into the Peak District, Creswell Crags are yielding vital information left thousands of years ago. Brian Spencer recently took a short stroll beneath the ancient crags. Scattered across the low lying stretch of countryside east of the M1 between Doncaster and Mansfield, shallow but steep-sided limestone gorges almost […]

A Walk Along White Edge

When the land eventually reappeared after the last ice age, the climate was probably warmer than now.  As a result the earliest settlers in the Peak District developed small farmlike undertakings on the high ground, well away from the danger lurking in the heavily forested confines of the Derwent Valley. With the changing climate becoming […]

Walking Around Crich Chase

Lands on either side of the River Derwent between Whatstandwell and Ambergate are amongst the most natural sections of countryside along the valley.  Shining Cliff Woods are to the west and to the east is Crich Chase, an ancient hunting ground, originally the preserve of Henry de Ferrers, who came over with William the Conqueror. […]

June’s Walk: The High Peak Trail

The abnormally mild weather this last winter was hardly conducive to walking over miles of open muddy countryside.  Fortunately we are now moving into warmer spring to early summer and although this is one of the ‘dry’ walks we did during the worst of the winter weather, it is suitable for all conditions, fine or […]