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Cloth Nappies – Daizy Babies Leads the Way

Cloth nappies have gained traction over the recent years, moving being classed as the “old” way of doing things to a valid choice for parents.

Cloth Nappies from DaizyDaizy Babies have been providing “Real Nappies” and advice for busy parents throughout europe. We asked this local, yet international company about how they managed to offer their product in various countries.

Q. Briefly, what is your business and product?

A. We sell modern cloth nappies, made from Bamboo. Our company sells to the UK and other parts of Europe. Our company aim it to encourage every mum to try a cloth nappy to make an informed choice.

Q. Why did you decide to sell internationally?

A. When we set up Daizy Babies, we knew that if we were running an online store we would want to make it international. If the product is good, it should be offered to as wide as audience as possible.

Q. How do you deal with customer queries in different languages?

A. We all get frustrated sometimes when we call a call centre and the call is handled by someone with a poor grasp on English. We try to route our calls to team members who are native speakers. They may be in a different office, but they have the same resources to hand. We make good use of technology to stay close.

Q. We were about to ask about that! What technology do you use to tie this together?

A. We couldn’t give away too many secrets! But some tools are invaluable. We use Office 365 a lot. We share calendars, task lists and documents on Sharepoint. We also use Skype, Whatsapp and Hangouts to have regular contact. We also use an advanced telephone system to pass calls between people in different countries. It gets worrying at times. There’s a lot of tech to go wrong, but each year it gets more robust.

Q. What’s next for Daizy Babies

A. Like most companies, we’re looking for growth. But we’re also happy that we’re selling a great product to people that enjoy using it. We’re looking forward to the next stage at Daizy.

Thanks to Daizy Babies Cloth Nappies