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Images 100 Year Quiz

Images 100 Year Quiz

Win a meal for two in our 100 year quiz. Test your knowledge of the decades. There are ten questions for each decade. You can download an answer sheet below.
Send your answers in to 100 year competition, Images Publishing Ltd. 5 Keypoint Village, Keys Road, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7FQ, or email diary@imagespublishing.co.uk
Answers to reach us by February 26th 2015. Do as many as you can, send your entries in and the first correct answer drawn will win the prize.



1. Born in 1915 Lester William Polsfuss was famous for inventing what?
2. Which famous filmmaker graduated from Benton High School in 1917?
3. Which West Ham song was launched in 1919 (song, name and writer)?
4. Who made a non-stop double crossing of the English Channel by plane in 1910?
5. Which party was founded in 1920?
6. In 1917 Ann was 25 in which Montgomery book?
7. Which football stadium (the largest in England) was opened in 1910?
8. What was signed on June 28th 1919?
9. Whose tomb was discovered in 1922?
10. Which Navy battlecruiser was built in 1916?


1. The last one of these travelled to Ripley in 1933?
2. How did Otto Frederick Rohwedder make breakfast easier in 1928?
3. Which honey loving children’s favourite appeared in 1926?4. How did the ‘Sultan of Swat’ create a record in 1927?
5. Which famous footballer made his debut for England in 1934?
6. What technological breakthrough occurred in 1925?
7. Who did Clyde Barrow meet for the first time in 1930?
8. Which girl first appeared in the Daily Mirror in 1932?
9. What crashed in 1929?
10. Who drove at 301.129 mph in 1933?


1. Which magnificent structure was burned down in 1936?
2. Born in 1942 which man floated like a butterfly?
3. Which famous publication featuring Big Eggo was launched in 1938?
4. Which popular board game was released in 1935?
5. What caused panic when broadcast in 1938?
6. What form of flight was invented Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky in 1939?
7. What evacuation took place in 1940?
8. Who went into hiding in 1942?
9. Which number was introduced following a fire on Wimpole Street in1937?
10. What drivers’ assistants were introduced in 1935?


1. What was still orbiting in 2013 since 1953?
2. What madness came to the BBC Home Service in 1951?
3. What were discovered in caves on the West Bank 1946?
4. Which unique form of transport was introduced in London in 1953?
5. What happened at Lyons Corner House in 1954?
6. What gave you a quick flash on 1947?
7. Which dystopian book was published in 1945?
8. Which trials began in 1946?
9. Which popular ‘holes’ were introduced in 1948!?
10. What kind of rationing ended in March 1949?


1. What was the best selling car in Britain for 20 years from 1962?
2. Which kids’ favourite opened in 1955?
3. What fastening device was invented in 1956?
4. What did Ernie do in 1957?
5. What appeared for the first time since WW2 in 1964?
6. What made Able and Miss Baker famous in 1959?
7. Which blonde bombshell died in 1962?
8. Which sea war broke out in 1959?
9. Who was possibly the most unpopular man with his report in 1963?
10. Which satirical magazine was launched in 1961?


1. Who scored a memorable hat-trick in 1966?
2. Which programme was conceived by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett in 1966?
3. Which major vehicle manufacturer went bankrupt in 1971?
4. Which space-flight landed the first humans on the Moon in 1969?
5. What did Louis Washkansky receive in 1967?
6. Whose sword was used to knight Sir Francis Chichester in 1967?
7. Trevor Nunn was the head of which organisation in 1968?
8. Who fought the mods?
9. What was introduced to the British mail in 1968?
10. Who stopped writing her diary in 1969?


1. Which fruity computer was launched in 1984?
2. Which man re-wrote Wimbledon history in 1975?
3. What became the nation’s craze in 1980?
4. Who received seven perfect tens in 1976?
5. What was unique about Louise Joy Brown?
6. Which Sony invention introduced a change in music listening habits in 1979?
7. What made Mark David Chapman famous in 1980?
8. Which safety device became compulsory in 1983?
9. Which still popular kids programme was first aired in 1984?
10. Whose body was found hanging beneath Blackfriars Bridge in London in 1962?


1. What Rumanian disaster took place in 1986?
2. Which famous wreck was found in 1985?
3. What was the unpopular announcement made by the government in November 1987?
4. Which historic Liverpool building was re-opened in 1988?
5. Which virus with a 90% death rate broke out in Gabon in 1994?
6. Why was the Grand National cancelled in 1993?
7. Who became Britain’s most expensive footballer in July 1992?
8. Which record enjoyed 16 consecutive weeks at number one in 1991?
9. Which TV shorts first aired on the The Tracey Ullman show in 1987 eventually became world famous?
10. Which 1989 Act came into force in 1990?


1. Which stadium was demolished in Derby 2003 after 113 years of sporting history?
2. Which ban came into place in 1996 and was eventually lifted in 2006?
3. Which competition did Britain win in 1997 for the first time since 1981?
4. Which spy returned to the cinema in 1995 six years after the last film was made?
5. Which coin came into circulation in June 1998?
6. What began to be lifted into position on the South Bank in 1999?
7. Who succeeded Kevin Keegan as England manager in 2001?
8. Who was captured by American troops in 2003?
9. Which French author’s ashes were interred in the Panthéon in Paris in a televised ceremony in 2002?
10. Codenamed Dulcimer, it was launched in 2002. What was it?


1. Which former Russian President died in 2007?
2. Which hurricane died in 2010?
3. What happened to Nicolaus Copernicus in 2010?
4. Who won the FIFA Ballon d’Or for the third consecutive year in 2013?
5. Which British tabloid published its last edition after 168 years in 2011?
6. Which Irish footballing genius died in 2005?
7. Which magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014?
8. What switch-over was eventually completed in 2012?
9. Which show was launched by a computer entrepreneur in 2005?
10. Who was the first British man to win a Grand Slam tournament in 2012 since 1936?



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